sábado, 2 de abril de 2011

***FREEZE *** (witch spells)

The first basic lesson that i will bestow upon you is how to "FREEZE" people
we have 4 elements that will help us carve our path that we wish to follow.
The basic elements that we shall use are fire and water, with the help of technology
we will change the state of water but first we must purify it by boiling it and
leaving it to cool of at room temperature, while it cools of grab a piece of white paper
and you write down the name of the person you wish to freeze, you must do this with ink
and must wait for the ink to dry so it doesnt smug.
In a plastic container, you put the piece of paper with the name and an object of the person,
hair, eye lash, finger nail or blood.
You pour the purified water on the container holding all of his belongings until all are submerged
but the container is not full, you close the container and you pray for what you wish of the person
then you put the container in a fridge until it is frozen.
The prayer you must voice out is: "I (Your name) Freeze you (The person to be frozen) to protect you
and protect me from doing us harm and be able to libe in harmony with the universe.

If you want to undo your spell you put the container where the sun shines and wait until it melts,
once melted you say this phrase " I (You name) release you (Person that you wish to release) from your
frozen state and i thank thee for protecting us.

Remember that you only do this in case that you need protection from a person that wishes you harm.
and whatever you do it will return to you three fold either with good intentions or bad intentions it
will return to you.